About Us

Rhea was initially created to provide ad hoc support – or break/fix as we call it – for small to medium businesses in the greater Wellington area. However, it very quickly became clear that small businesses particularly require a much more managed service.

A managed style of service where we are working with the business owners or management team directly to understand the business goals and current processes has become the core of the Rhea business model – we now work exclusively like this with all of our customers.


With over 30 years of experience, once the team here at Rhea understand the client’s requirements, designing, implementing and supporting any solution your business might need is easily achieved.

Rhea has built a reputation of being an industry “trouble-shooter”. A lot of current clients have been referred to us because their current environment has become unusable or highly unstable. Due to the ability of our staff and patience of the clients we’ve continued to resolve issues beyond the clients expectations… that’s something we plan to continue.

Long Term Partnership

Our long term goal is to make sure all of our clients receive more than they expected from the team at Rhea and, more importantly, that we do everything we can to make our customer’s business a success. The whole team are firm believers in having a long-term vision for our clients.

We’re not about a short-term fix for short-term gain.

Our Values

As a company we pride ourselves on taking on any challenge and making sure we see them through. As a company and also as individuals we are committed to delivering the best and latest technology to solve clients’ issues. We have a passion for technology and for the technology industry.

All employees strive for self improvement, mutual respect, honesty, openness and personal excellence, all whilst delivering the highest quality.



At Rhea, we deliver solutions that make a difference. We understand the latest technology and we develop long term strategies which allow you to concentrate on what your business does best... more



Our long term goal is to make sure all of our clients receive more than they expected and that we do everything we can to make their business a success... more

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