Support is one of the crucial building blocks of Rhea. Systems in place usually work perfectly but even the best laid plans don’t always work out!

Below are a few options to get support from the team at Rhea.

Email – Support Helpdesk

Email is perfect for all kinds of enquiries from advice requests to non-urgent issues you might be having. We will aim to have someone respond to you as soon as possible. Email

Phone – On-Call Engineer

If we’re honest, we would rather not have clients with issues, but if you do have problems then we’re always willing to help to resolve any current or possible future issues. Feel free to contact our on-call engineer on +64 4 5654333

Remote Control

If you’ve been in touch with the Rhea helpdesk and they’ve pointed you to the remote control helpdesk, then click the Helpdesk button and follow the instructions given to you by the helpdesk staff.
Click here to connect to Helpdesk.



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