A truly innovative company within the systems software industry, VMWare was able to do something not previously available to the marketplace – seperate the physical PC hardware from the operating system of the machine (such as Windows). This technology is known as “Virtualisation” as the hardware is virtual rather than physical.

With over 200,000 customers worldwide and 97% of the Fortune 1000 companies as customers, it’s a clear leader in its field.

VMWare’s main product, ESX Server is available in a few different forms and Rhea uses all of these different forms across its different client sites depending on the needs, budgets and required recovery deadlines. One thing that virtualisation has brought to anyone using the concepts in their IT infrastructure is flexibility. By that we mean flexibility for changes and upgrades, compatibility, recovery, backup and many other areas that were previously time consuming and expensive to achieve.

Being a very early adopter of virtualisation meant that our clients were able to start seeing those benefits straight away, some of them for no cost as some VMWare software is provided for free. Today we continue to bring the very best VMWare solutions to the table for our clients, allowing them to put in place disaster recovery and backup plans previously outside their budgets. We have also put in place the ability for clients to create a new virtual PC for testing purposes with the click of a mouse, something previously not even thought of as being realistic. Virtualisation opens up a whole world of previously unheard of possibilities.

We are an official VMWare certified agent and can discuss any requirements or needs with you to any level of business and technical information.



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